Products & Services Tutorial's

Getting Started

In this tutorial, we explain how to get started with products and services, setting up payments and generating website widgets.

Establishing Resources

In this tutorial, we explain the difference between a resource and a product. Then, we show you how to create a resource. A resource can either be an individual performing a service, space, or item for hire related to a specific time period.

Establishing Products and Linking Resources

Learn how to create a product in TMB. A product is typically a service provided by an individual, such as a beauty session or sports coaching. Alternatively, it is the time associated with hiring space or a particular item.

Creating a Class

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Explore the Three Booking Pages

TMB provides three different page views to showcase bookings, available slots, and resource availability. This tutorial seeks to provide you with an understanding of the three views to determine what works best for your business.

Create a Manual Customer Booking

While TMB provides your business with the ability for customers to book and pay online, you also can take manual bookings and establish reoccurring bookings. This tutorial takes you through the process of creating a manual booking.

Reporting and Data Export

In this tutorial, we review the reporting options available in TMB and how to extract data for marketing campaigns.